Cirque Du Kidz

Aerial Instructor Training

£ 247 Upfront training fee PLUS £24.99 a month licencing fee
  • Have you always wanted to become an aerial or circus instructor but have no idea where to start? Maybe you already teach but want to add another string to your bow working under an established brand with regular support. 

    Our Carnival Chaos-Cirque du Kidz instructor programme takes people of all levels teaching them all the basics in running your own dance based business. No teaching experience necessary but ideally you will have some form of dance background before signing up.

    You will learn

    Anatomy and physiology basics 
    Teaching techniques 
    Fundamental moves in your chosen genre 
    A number of basic routines
    Spotting techniques 
    How to run a successful business 
    How to do set up a self employed business 
    Marketing techniques

    All your branding is done for you and if you pass our super easy teaching exam you will then become a member of the Carnival Chaos family. I have trained countless dance and aerial instructors over the years and want to share my love of running a dance based business with you. 

    Qualification costs £247 initial payment for level 1 with a £24.99 monthly subscription fee which includes monthly support, done for you choreo, new moves, branded advertising and marketing aids, a branded uniform. This must be paid to keep up with teaching our copyrighted intellectual property. We also will advise you on equipment with links to our recommended choices. 

    As an instructor you will be expected to agree to our licensing terms and keep up to date with your PLI insurance and first aid training- info on how to do this will be provided.

    For more info and booking visit the link below 👇